Step 4: Punch out The Design

Clamp a frozen can to the jig, and use a marker to trace on the image. With a hammer and an awl (for dotted lines) or a chisel (for wider slits), puncture the metal. When you're done, run the can under hot water, dump out the ice, and clean off any remaining ink.
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    Tools List

    • finish hammer
    • Scratch Awl
      Awls in various sizes
    • chisel
      Chisels in various sizes
    • spring clamp
      3-inch spring clamp
    • slip-joint pliers
    • black marker

    Shopping List

    Metal cans in various sizes

    Clean paint cans (if desired)

    Scrap 1x1s (leftover molding works too) about 10 inches long

    A scrap 1x6 at least as long as your tallest can

    18- to 21-gauge wire

    Tea lights