trimming a cobblestone with hand sledge and chisel for a driveway apron
Photo: Kolin Smith

Step 11: Cleave the Edge Cobbles

The mats likely won't end perfectly at the sides, in which case you'll need to fill in with half cobbles or with custom-cut whole ones. To make a custom cut, detach any whole cobble that doesn't fit, and use a chalk stick to mark a cutline. Wearing safety glasses, place the cobble on a scrap board, set a mason's chisel on the chalk line, and tap it with a hand sledge to score it along that line. Then set the mason's chisel on the cutline with part of the blade hanging off and angle it toward the waste side, as shown. Strike the chisel with the sledge to break the cobble. Chip away any jagged edges with a brick hammer. Repeat with every cobble that doesn't fit.
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    Tools List

    • 30-foot tape measure
      tape measure
    • finish nails, various lengths
      nails to stake the chalk line in asphalt
    • chalk line
      chalk line
    • safety glasses
      safety glasses
    • ear muffs
      hearing protection
    • concrete saw
      14-inch gas-powered concrete saw with segmented diamond blade
    • garden hose
      garden hose
    • hammer drill
      hammer drill with chisel bit to break up the driveway surface
    • cutter mattock
      pick mattock to remove broken-up chunks
    • gloves
      work gloves for handling asphalt and cobbles
    • garden stakes
    • mason's line
      mason's line
    • iron rake
      bow rake
    • plate compactor
      plate compactor to tamp base and pavers
    • side-cutting pliers
      side-cutting pliers
    • chalk
      chalk stick
    • mason's chisel with hand guard
      mason's chisel with hand guard
    • sledge hammer
      hand sledge
    • brick hammer
      brick hammer
    • tamper
      hand tamper to fix uneven spots during installation
    • duct tape
      duct tape
    • concrete mixer
      cement mixer
    • Squeegee
      double-foam squeegee to spread grout into joints
    • push broom
      push broom to remove excess grout

    Shopping List

    Cobblestone mats with cast-in grid
    Have your supplier help determine the amount you need.

    Permeable epoxy grout

    Leveling sand.
    A ½-cubic-foot bag covers 6 square feet at 1 inch deep.