Step 3: Attach the French Cleat

Lay the two outside 1×4s parallel on a flat surface and place one half of the French cleat across them, flush with the edges and 6 inches below the top. As shown, the cleat's narrow face should rest on the 1×4s, with the square edge facing the top. Drill pilot holes, then attach with wood glue and 1¼-inch trim-head screws.
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    Tools List

    • miter saw
      Miter saw
    • circular saw
      Circular saw (or table saw)
    • drill
    • adjustable clamp
      Speed clamps
    • paintbrushes

    Shopping List

    1x4 We chose pine. Get two 8-foot lengths.

    1x3 Get one 8-foot length.

    -by-2--inch fluted door casing Get two 7-foot lengths.

    Wire baskets Get two or more.

    Coat hooks and hardware Get three.

    Cup hooks Get two for each basket.1-¼-inch trim-head screws

    120-grit sandpaper

    Wood glue

    Primer and paint for the coatrack

    Spray primer and spray paint for the wire baskets