Taper the Sections to Install a Flat-Weave Cotton Stair Runner
Photo: Laura Moss

Step 4: Taper the Sections

Lay a section on a tread, its back edge a fingertip away from the riser, and wrap the front over the nosing. Mark the edges where they meet the riser, then draw lines at approximately 45 degrees to the front edge. Snip off the corners, as shown. Use this section as a template to trace and trim the pads for the remaining steps.

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    Tools List

    • 100-foot tape measure
      Tape measure
    • combination square
      Combination square
    • chalk line
      Chalk line
    • carpet scissors
    • straightedge guide
      3-foot straightedge
    • black marker
      Felt-tip marker
    • staple gun
      Staple gun
    • flat prybar
      Thin pry bar
    • pneumatic staple gun
      Narrow-crown pneumatic stapler and air compressor
    • bolster chisel
      Bolster chisel

    Shopping List

    Felt carpet padding to cushion the runner

    Flat-weave cotton runner(s)

    Double-sided carpet tape to adhere the top end of the runner-inch staples for the staple gun to secure the padding

    1-inch 18-gauge narrow-crown staples for the pneumatic stapler, to secure the runner