Step 4: Roll and Drag the Wainscot Vertically

When the wainscot base color is dry, mix glaze with the second color, as in Step 1. Starting at the top left corner, cut in and roll on a band of glaze between the chair rail and baseboard. Drag the wet glaze, pulling steadily from top to bottom without stopping. Roll the next patch, overlapping the first by several inches. Repeat.
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    Tools List

    • paintroller
      Paint roller
    • styrofoam cups
      Styrofoam cups
    • stir sticks
      Stir sticks
    • paint tray and liner
      Paint tray and liners
    • 3-inch angled paintbrush
      3-inch angled paintbrush
    • 4-inch-wide stiff-bristle brush
      4-inch-wide stiff-bristle brush. Look for a brush that is stiff and coarse, like a whisk broom, a scrub brush, or this wallpaper paste brush with the soft tips lopped off.
    • cleaning rag
      Clean rag or paper towel

    Shopping List

    Clear acrylic latex glaze

    Latex paint
    Two colors for the upper walls and three colors for the wainscot; the base coat should be a satin finish or glossier.