attaching the headboard trim for a storage bed
Photo: Laura Moss

Step 11: Install the Headboard Trim

Glue and tack the rosettes in place at the corners. Measure the distance between each one and the platform, and cut the door casing to length. Use a jigsaw or a Japanese handsaw to notch the casings around the side panels, and glue and nail them in place with a brad nailer. Then install the horizontal piece of casing between the rosettes. Finally, cut a ½x3 lattice strip to fit between the platform and the horizontal casing, center it side to side, and glue and nail it in place.
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    Tools List

    • bar clamp
      Long bar clamps
    • straightedge guide
    • circular saw
      Circular saw
    • impact driver
      Drill/driver or impact driver
    • paintbrushes
    • miter saw
      Miter saw
    • brad nailer
      Brad nailer or nail gun
    • japanese pull saw
      Jigsaw or Japanese handsaw
    • paintroller
      Paint roller and tray
    • caulk gun
      caulk gun

    Shopping List

    ¾-inch medium-density fiberboard (MDF)
    Get five 4-by-8-foot sheets.

    -inch MDF beadboard panelsGet two 4-by-8-foot sheets.

    1x2 primed MDF trim
    Get eleven.

    8-foot lengths for the stiles, rails, and cap.

    Get three 8-footers.

    Victorian-era door-casing kit (includes rosettes)½x3 lattice strip shoe molding
    Get 20 feet.

    1¼-, 1½-, and 2-inch MDF screws

    2½-inch deck screws

    1½-inch 18-gauge brads

    Construction adhesive

    Wood glue

    ¾-inch quarter-round

    150-grit sandpaper

    Primer and paint