fastening the rear brace for the back rest to a Westport chair
Photo: Wendell T. Webber

Step 18: Fasten the Rear Brace

Bevel-rip the top edge of the horizontal rear brace at 21 degrees, and clamp it to the backrest so that it holds the arms level. Screw the rear brace to the backrest, as shown; then drill pilot holes and screw the arms into the rear brace and front supports. Smooth all surfaces with 120-grit sandpaper. Wipe off the dust, then brush teak oil onto the chair. Wait 30 minutes and apply a second coat. After 15 minutes, wipe away any unabsorbed oil. Now the hard part: Wait at least 10 hours before you sit down, lean back, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
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    Tools List

    • miter saw
      Sliding compound miter saw to crosscut the boards to length
    • adjustable clamp
      Clamps to hold the parts together during assembly
    • circular saw
      Circular saw to cut the parts to width
    • framing square
      Framing square and combination square for marking cutlines
    • jigsaw
      Jigsaw to cut notches and curves
    • drill
    • hand plane
      Hand plane to straighten board edges
    • sandpaper
      120-grit sandpaper
    • sanding block
      Sanding block
    • pencil compass
    • torpedo level
      Torpedo level
    • 3-inch wide paint brush
      3-inch paintbrush to apply teak oil

    Shopping List

    ½ x 10 cedar boards.
    Get four 8-foot lengths

    1 -inch stainless-steel trim-head screws

    Teak oil to finish the chair