Step 1: Glue Wedge Sections

Arrange three shims of the same length so that the middle one's top extends beyond the tops of the others by the width of a shim. Adhere with wood glue (if desired, use hot glue as well for an instant bond). You'll need an equal number of long and short sections, about 40 of each.
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    Tools List

    • hot glue gun
      Hot-glue gun
    • Natural-bristle chip brush

    Shopping List

    8-inch and 12-inch shims (you'll need about 120 each)

    Round beveled mirror (we used a 12-inch, but you can choose whatever size you like best)

    ¼ plywood to back the mirror for extra support (you'll need a square that measures smaller than the size of the frame)Shellac

    Wood glue

    Picture hanging hardware/wire (make sure it can support the frame's weight)

    Mirror adhesive

    Sandpaper (optional)