Step 2: Mark the Posts' Locations

Once the landing stones have had time to set, drop a plumb bob from the center of each post location on the awning to determine where each post should be on the landing. Use a combination square to draw two perpendicular lines through the mark, aligned with the front and sides of the landing.

Our replacement posts came with installation brackets that required us to lift the awning ¼ inch. To do so, we replaced our 2x6 supports with jack posts, which can be found at most local home centers. They allow you to carefully control the lifting.

Find Jack Posts
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    Tools List

    • ladder
    • drill
    • plumb bob
      plumb bob
    • combination square
      combination square
    • jigsaw
    • circular saw
      circular saw to trim posts' height
    • jack post
      jack posts to lift the awning, if post installation requires them

    Shopping List

    1. 2x6 supports: Get two 12-footers

    2. 2x4 scraps to make a footplate for each 2x6 support

    3. Wood stakes to hold 2x6 supports in place

    4. Wood screws to attach 2x6 supports to the awning

    5. Self-tapping concrete screws to attach brackets to the landing