Step 1: Paint the Wall in the Base-Coat Color

Base-coat interior wall paint «»
Cover the wall in the first of the colors you've chosen. This hue will show through the least once it's topped with other glazes, so choose a color that won't dominate.

Paint: Behr's Dark Storm Cloud
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    Tools List

    • latex gloves
      Latex gloves
    • paintroller
      Paint roller and roller covers
    • paint cup and liners
      Cut bucket and liners
    • Natural Sea Sponge
      Large natural sea sponge.

      Get one with a good scattering of holes in different sizes so you can vary the pattern simply by turning it

    Shopping List

    Latex paint in three colors: a semigloss base coat and two colors in eggshell or matte to layer on top. Since the top coats get mixed with glaze, get about half as much of these colors as you would need to paint the whole room.

    Clear acrylic latex glaze to create top coats with extended working time