Step 7: Add Plants

Group plants in zones, based on how well they tolerate having "wet feet" (see Overview). Plants that thrive in the wettest environment go in the center of the rain garden; that area tends to stay wet the longest after a storm. Put plants that can handle standing water on the sloping sides, and those that are suited to drier conditions on the edges.
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    Tools List

    • bucket
    • garden hose
    • Gas powered sod cutter
      Sod cutter or spade
    • to remove grass layer. Sod cutter can be rented for $80 a day
    • pointed shovel
    • or rent a backhoe for $230 a day
    • metal garden rake
    • wheelbarrow
    • hacksaw
    • hand trowel

    Shopping List

    1. Spray paint

    2. Compost

    3. Stones

    4. Plants

    5. Smooth or corrugated piping to connect to a gutter downspout