Step 1: Add the Tubing

Cut a length of -inch-diameter irrigation tubing and bend it into a ring that fits the bottom of the barrel. Join the ends with a T-fitting, and attach the remaining tubing to the T's third leg. Using a 3/16-inch bit, drill a series of holes into the top of the ring about 1 inch apart; they let air bubble up, encouraging the growth of beneficial bacteria and reducing odors.
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    Tools List

    • drill
      Drill (or drill/driver)
    • 3/8-inch spade bit
      -inch spade bit
    • 3/16-inch drill bit
      3/16 drill bit
    • pump sprayer
      Pump sprayer (for applying the compost tea)

    Shopping List

    1. -inch irrigation tubing
    (approximately 10 feet)

    2. 55-gallon rain barrel

    3. Nylon mesh bag or cheeseclothTea ingredients:

    4. Aged compost

    5. Molasses

    6. Liquid kelp Available through Neptune's Harvest

    7. Fish hydrolysate Available through Neptune's Harvest