Step 2: Drill Holes for the Pivot Bolt

After the concrete has set for 24 hours, rest the pole on two padded sawhorses. In order to center the cleat on the pole's halyard side, measure 42 inches from the bottom. Using an 11/16-inch bit, drill holes for two -inch bolts..
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    Tools List

    • post hole digger
      Post hole digger
    • wheelbarrow
    • pointed shovel
    • four-foot level
    • sawhorse
    • drill
      Drill/driver fitted with 11/16-inch bit
    • socket wrench
      Socket wrench

    Shopping List


    Gravel (optional) for drainage. Get one 1/3-cubic-foot bag.Concrete Get 8 sacks of dry mix to fill the hole.

    Silicone caulking rated for exterior use.