Step 6: Fit the Overflow Emitter

Using a reciprocating saw, cut a 4-inch hole in the dry well's lid and put the lid on. Take a length of 4-inch pipe and glue on an overflow emitter, which lets excess storm water escape. Trim the pipe so that the top of the emitter will sit at ground level when the pipe is glued to the lid. Cover the dry well with landscape fabric, and top it off with soil and sod.
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    Tools List

    • trenching shovel
      Spade shovel
    • tarp
      Plastic or canvas tarp
    • wheelbarrow
    • two-foot level
    • 30-foot tape measure
      Tape measure
    • hammer
    • drill
    • reciprocating saw
      Reciprocating saw

    Shopping List

    1. Flo-Well dry well

    2. Overflow emitter

    3. Landscape fabric

    4. ¾-inch rounded stone, washed

    5. 4-inch-diameter PVC pipe6. 4-inch-diameter 90-degree elbow

    7. Downspout adaptor

    8. PVC cement

    9. Stainless-steel sheet-metal screws