Step 8: Install the Sconces

Mark where you want the fixtures to be. Fit a drill/driver with a paddle bit, and bore holes through which to fish wires. Secure the sconces' back plates to the door using the screws provided, and hook up the lights. Now hang your new headboard.

Learn how to hang your headboard using a French cleat.

Sconces: Studio Single French Library Sconce in bronze finish by Visual Comfort
About $126 each; Neena's Lighting
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    Tools List

    • 30-foot tape measure
      Measuring tape
    • combination square
      Combination square
    • circular saw
      Circular saw
    • 12-inch stainless steel ruler
      Large steel ruler
    • hand clamps
    • finish hammer
    • putty knife
      Putty knife
    • random orbit sander
      Random-orbit sander
    • shop vacuum
      Shop vac
    • drill
    • spade bit
      -inch paddle bit
    • brad nailer
      Brad nailer (optional)
    • dust mask
      N100 dust mask

    • safety glasses
      Safety glasses

    Shopping List

    1. Paneled wood door

    2. White craft glue

    3. Solid crown molding

    4. 4D Finishing nails

    5. Furniture polish

    6. Sconces