Step 3: Create a Surround

Take down those push-pinned pictures from your post-college trip to Amsterdam, and toss that flyer from the Strokes-inspired band you once fronted in the recycling bin. You're all grown up—and it's time your workspace reflected it. Nothing screams "I mean business" like fluted pilasters flanking your cubicle's entryway. After gluing and toe-nailing the pilasters into place, attach a strip of molding to cover the gap between the pilasters and the door jamb. This one has an S-shaped (ogee) profile that'll give your cube that traditional feel you've been looking for.
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    Tools List

    • miter saw
      Miter saw
    • hammer
    • drill
    • scribe
      Scribe for marking cope cuts on saddle
    • coping saw
      Coping saw

    Shopping List

    1. 1x4s for rafters, ridge beams, and collar ties

    2. ¼-inch plywood for roof sheathing

    3. Molded pre-hung door

    4. Door lockset

    5. Door knocker

    6. Shims

    7. Wood saddle

    8. Urethane foam fluted pilasters

    9. Urethane foam door pediment

    10. 8d ring-shank nails

    11. 2-inch screws

    12. Paint