dry-fit the bar molding when building a bar
Photo: Ryan Benyi

Step 14: Dry-Fit the Bar Molding

On the bar top, use a combination square to draw 45-degree lines from the front corners. Take a piece of molding with one mitered end and hold it up to the front edge of the bar; line up the mitered end with the 45-degree mark. Snug the molding up against a mitered scrap to make sure you have a tight corner. Then, at the other end, carry the 45-degree line from the bar top over the molding's uncut end, and miter the piece to size. Install it by screwing through the plywood underneath with 1¼-inch screws. Miter and cut the remaining sidepieces ¾ inch long to overhang the back of the bar. Finish the back edges of the bar top by cutting a 12 to fit the open notches of the molding with a saw.
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    Tools List

    • circular saw
      Circular saw
    • miter saw
      Miter saw
    • drill
      Drill/driver fitted with a combination drill bit
    • pneumatic brad nailer
      Pneumatic nail gun
    • hand saw
      Small hand saw

    Shopping List

    ½-inch birch-veneer plywood to sheathe the interior. Get one-and-a-half 4-by-8 sheets.

    Lauan to sheathe the outside of the bar. Get one-and-a-half 4-by-8-foot sheets.

    ¾-inch utility-grade plywood for the base of the bar. Get one 4-by-8 sheet.

    1x4 common-pine boards to be sandwiched between the sheathing. Get eight 8-footers.

    1x4 clear-pine boards for the stiles and rails. Get seven 8-footers.

    1x8 clear-pine board for the bottom rail. Get one 8-footer.

    1x10 clear-pine boards for the shelves. Get two 6-footers.

    1x2 for the capping and supports. Get one 6-foot common-pine board and one 8-foot clear-pine board.

    1x1 for the shelf cleats. Get two 8-foot lengths.

    Panel or base cap molding to trim the inside edges of the stiles and rails. Get six 6-foot pieces.1x12 oak to finish the bar top. Get one 10-foot board.

    1x2 oak for the trim. Get one 12-foot board.

    Oak bar-rail molding Get one 12-foot length.

    Foot rail, brackets, and caps (optional, available through KegWorks)

    1-inch nails

    1¼-inch nails

    -inch brad nails

    1¼-inch screws

    3-inch screws

    Construction adhesive

    Wood glue