attach corner stiles and clad the sides when building a bar
Photo: Ryan Benyi

Step 9: Attach Corner Stiles and Clad the Sides

Now apply glue to the two front corner stiles and set them in place: snug against the rails and overhanging the edges by ¾ inch. Rip ¾ inch off the width of the side corner stiles, since they butt up against the overhanging front pieces. Apply glue to the back and nail them in place. Overhang the stiles at the back of the side panels by ¾ inch, and glue and nail them in place. Hold the top and bottom rails between the side stiles to scribe them. Cut, glue, and nail them in place. Attach a center stile on each side and trim it—as well as the untrimmed corner stiles—as in Step 5. Butt a 12 against the overhanging stiles to finish the side panels.
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    Tools List

    • circular saw
      Circular saw
    • miter saw
      Miter saw
    • drill
      Drill/driver fitted with a combination drill bit
    • pneumatic brad nailer
      Pneumatic nail gun
    • hand saw
      Small hand saw

    Shopping List

    ½-inch birch-veneer plywood to sheathe the interior. Get one-and-a-half 4-by-8 sheets.

    Lauan to sheathe the outside of the bar. Get one-and-a-half 4-by-8-foot sheets.

    ¾-inch utility-grade plywood for the base of the bar. Get one 4-by-8 sheet.

    1x4 common-pine boards to be sandwiched between the sheathing. Get eight 8-footers.

    1x4 clear-pine boards for the stiles and rails. Get seven 8-footers.

    1x8 clear-pine board for the bottom rail. Get one 8-footer.

    1x10 clear-pine boards for the shelves. Get two 6-footers.

    1x2 for the capping and supports. Get one 6-foot common-pine board and one 8-foot clear-pine board.

    1x1 for the shelf cleats. Get two 8-foot lengths.

    Panel or base cap molding to trim the inside edges of the stiles and rails. Get six 6-foot pieces.1x12 oak to finish the bar top. Get one 10-foot board.

    1x2 oak for the trim. Get one 12-foot board.

    Oak bar-rail molding Get one 12-foot length.

    Foot rail, brackets, and caps (optional, available through KegWorks)

    1-inch nails

    1¼-inch nails

    -inch brad nails

    1¼-inch screws

    3-inch screws

    Construction adhesive

    Wood glue