Step 2: Add Planted Trays

The 1-by-2-foot black polypropylene trays—planted four months earlier and nurtured at a nursery—arrive by truck 95 percent covered with vegetation. They come stacked in racks that are wrapped in plastic to secure them for shipping. The plastic is removed after the trays are unloaded, to keep the plants from overheating; the trays are moved by forklift (in this case) or crane to the rooftop. Before the trays can be installed, decorative L-shaped aluminum edging is temporarily weighted down around the edge of the roof where it will cover the sides of the trays. Starting in a corner and working right to left, the 40-pound planted trays are placed in rows on the roof and inside the edging. Installers start setting the trays at the lowest end of the roof, moving across and up the roof's slope.
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    Tools List

    • 16-foot tape measure
      Tape measure
    • drill
    • concrete saw
      Concrete saw with masonry blade

    Shopping List

    1. EPDM

    2. Modules

    3. Engineered soil

    4. Sedums

    5. Aluminum edging