Step 6: Brush the Joints

Run a stiff, dry, natural-bristle brush over the mortar in one direction, smoothing away the bumps and ridges left by the tuck-pointing trowel. Stay off the walk overnight. The mortar will fully harden in about a week. If the weather during that time is very hot, windy, or dry, keep the mortar moist with wet burlap.
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    Tools List

    • safety glasses
      Safety glasses
    • gloves
    • knee pads
    • 3-pound hammer
      3-pound hammer
    • mason's chisel and maul
      Masonry chisel
    • mason's brush
      Masonry brush
    • one-and-a-half inch paintbrush
    • brick trowel
      Brick trowel
    • grout bag
      Grout bag
    • pointing trowel
      Tuck-pointing trowel
    • mortar pan
      Mortar pan

    Shopping List

    1. 60-pound bag of sand/topping mix

    2. 1 gallon of acrylic fortifier

    3. Water