Step 2: Dampen the Wall

Following the directions on the bottle, mix a wallpaper-removing concentrate, such as Dif, with an appropriate amount of hot water. You'll need about 2 gallons of solution to cover 500 square feet of wall. Pour the solution into a pump sprayer, and spray the wall from the bottom up using the 'medium mist' setting. Work around the room three times. The paper should bubble in about 5 minutes.
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    Tools List

    • flathead screwdriver
    • Wallpaper scoring tool
      Wallpaper scoring tool
    • backpack pump sprayer
      Pump sprayer
    • Fine Brush
      Wallpaper brush
    • plastic putty knife
      Metal or plastic putty knife
    • small plastic bucket
      5-gallon bucket
    • long-handled sponge applicator
      Sponge mop
    • spray bottle
      Hand sprayer
    • grout sponge
    • sandpaper
      sandpaper (to dull the corners of the putty knife)

    Shopping List

    1. Plastic sheeting

    2. 2-inch painter's tape

    3. Enzyme-based wallpaper-adhesive remover4. 10-percent solution of povidone-iodine

    5. denatured alcohol