Step 4: Reattach the Base and Connect the Plug

Tighten nut around pipe at base; re-attach base. (Cover with a new piece of felt, if desired, to prevent lamp from scratching floor.)

To wire a two-prong round-cord plug, pry out body; feed cord into shell; strip ¾-inch of insulation off wire ends after splitting bottom 1¼ inches of cord, as per Step 3. Tie wires into Underwriter's knot; twist wire ends clockwise and connect to plug screws; snap plug body into shell; tighten clamp.

For a clamp-style flat-cord plug (like the one pictured here), pinch prongs to release plug core; spread prongs. Feed blunt end of flat wire through hole in bottom of shell, inserting it so that the ridged, neutral wire connects to the wider prong; squeeze prongs together; re-insert core in shell.

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    Tools List

    • multi-bit screwdriver
    • wire strippers
      Wire stripper/cutter
    • adjustable wrench

    Shopping List

    1. Cord

    2. Plug 3. Socket