Step 5: Hide the Screwheads

Cover each screwhead with a dollop of a white, two-part acrylic adhesive, such as Bond&Fill FastCure. (This also works as an adhesive in Step 3.) Overfill the recess slightly. When the adhesive hardens completely, in about 30 minutes, sand it flush.
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    Tools List

    • circular saw
      Circular saw
    • detail sander
    • drill
    • hammer
    • flat prybar
      Pry bar

    Shopping List

    1. 8d stainless-steel ring-shank nails
    for casing

    2. 3½-inch deck screws for sill

    3. Two-part acrylic adhesive (The brand used here is Bond&Fill.)4. Cellular-PVC windowsill (The brand used here is Kleer Lumber, which has the most sill options. AZEK also makes a PVC sill.)