Step 4: Finish the Medallion

Fill in the outlines of the largest circle and the four leaves. Keep a rag and mineral spirits handy to fix any slip-ups that may occur as you go. Work your way out from the center to the four circles and the thick border. Allow the paint to dry overnight, and finish with a coat of satin polyurethane. Let dry for three hours; then apply a second coat.

Pro Advice
"Don't obsess about perfection—no one is going to get down on the floor and look that closely. Ditto for any small scratches and chips later on. They give it patina, a lived-in look."—Brian Carter, Decorative Painter

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    Tools List

    • paintbrush
      1½-inch natural-bristle paintbrush
    • Pencil and string, to mark design
    • cleaning rag
      Rag, to clean up any mistakes

    Shopping List

    1. Oil-based paint

    2. Satin polyurethane

    3. 150-grit sandpaper