Step 4: Start Stamping

To avoid rigid rows while creating an evenly spaced pattern on the wall, tie a pencil to a string and knot the end; the one used for this design was about 12 inches from the pencil. Place the knot at the center of your first medallion and mark the next center with the pencil, and so on. Let the medallions bump up against windows, corners, and doors.

The payoff? "Stamping gives a room a personal look," says Pearson. "And it's a whole lot quicker than putting up wallpaper."
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    Tools List

    • paintroller
    • Dinner plate with flat center
      Plate with a flat center

    Shopping List

    1. Stamp

    2. Metallic paint

    3. String
    for measuring stencil placement

    4. Poster board
    for practice stamps