Step 4: Attach the Moldings and Trim

Miter the base trim. Attach the pieces to the front and sides, flush with the floor. Install vertical lengths of fluted casing to the front edges, between the base trim and the overhanging top. Install a 1x3 crosspiece between the casings, up against the top. Miter and attach the chair-rail molding to the front and sides, flush with the top. Fill the fastener holes with wood glue, then sand and paint the entire piece.
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    Tools List

    • circular saw
      circular saw
    • miter saw
      miter saw
    • drill
      drill driver

    Shopping List

    1. ¾-inch plywood,

    Get a 4x8 sheet to make the top, sides, and shelf supports

    2. ½-inch plywood,

    Get a 4x4 half sheet for the back

    3. 1x3 Get a 3-foot board for the crosspiece4. 1x4 Get a 6-foot board for the mitered base trim

    5. fluted casing Get 8-feet

    6. chair rail molding Get 8 feet

    7. wood glue

    8. 1-inch trim head screws