Step 5: Pop the top nails

The butt-edge nails in the siding above the patch also need to come out. Tap the pry bar up under the undamaged siding at each nail shaft, then push the bar gently. With luck, the nails will pull out a bit so that when you tap the board back the nailheads will pop out just enough to get the pry bar under them. The top half of the damaged piece will fall out when all these nails are pulled.
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    Tools List

    • utility knife
      Utility knife
    • flat prybar
      Pry bar
    • hammer
    • hacksaw blade
      Hacksaw blade
    • hand saw
    • caulk gun
      Caulk gun

    Shopping List

    1. Replacement Clapboard (see Overview)

    2. Acrylic Latex Caulk

    3. 7d Stainless Steel Ring-Shank Siding Nails