Step 6: Tape the stripes

On the first round, you'll tape off and paint every other stripe and let them dry. For round two, you'll mask along the edges of the painted stripes to bracket off the unpainted ones. Before you start, put X's of painter's tape over the stripes you want to skip. Then, from a step ladder, start at the top of each stripe and work your way down, creating solid lines with tape along both borders of the stripes to be painted. Let the tape extend at the floor and ceiling for easy removal. Draw arrows on the tape pointing toward the area to be painted.
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    Tools List

    • swivel head pole sander
      Sanding Pole
      fitted with 120-grit sandpaper sponge
    • ¼x2-inch Stick
      cut to the length of the repeating pattern
    • four-foot level
      4-foot Level
    • small plastic putty knife
      Plastic Putty Knife
      to seal the tape before painting
    • 1-inch and 2½-inch angled paintbrushes
      Get one brush per paint color
    • mini-roller
      4-inch Roller Frame with Foam Covers
      Get one frame and cover per paint color

    Shopping List

    1. 1-inch Delicate-adhesion Painter's Tape Double the total number of wall stripes, and multiply that number by the height of the wall to determine how much tape you'll need. A roll is about 180 feet long, and you'll need a roll or two extra.2. Paint Cups with Disposable Trays Get one paint cup for each color.

    3. Paint Avoid the need for a second coat by choosing a premium latex paint.

    4. Drop Cloth