Step 5: Rehang the door

Once the paint has dried, Tom reĀ­attaches the hinge leaves. Then he hoists the door back into its opening, lining up the knuckles and dropping in the pins—first top, then bottom. Using the handle of his screwdriver, Tom taps each pin home, and then gives the door a test swing. It obligingly snaps shut, and the latch clicks cleanly into its strike plate. When Tom turns the doorknob and gives a gentle tug, it opens without resistance.
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    Tools List

    • multi-bit screwdriver
    • utility knife
      Utility knife
    • hammer
    • chisel
      Wood chisel
    • bench plane
      Jack plane
    • Natural-bristle chip brush
      Paint brush

    Shopping List

    1. Scrap wood

    2. Wood glue3. 120-grit sandpaper4. Primer5. Paint to match door