people cutting out the notch while building a ricochet game board
Photo: Wendell Weber

Step 8: Cut the Slit for the 1-inch Elastic

On one of the short 1x4 end rails, mark off a notch where players will stand to slide their pucks. Make marks 3 and 11 inches from the right end of the board. Then, measuring from the bottom edge of the 1x4, draw a line between the vertical marks at the thickness of the door—typically 1 inches—so that the bottom of the notch will install flush with the door's surface. Using a jigsaw, cut out the notch and round off the protruding corners. Apply a coat of white paint to the sides and center rail.
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    Tools List

    • jigsaw
      jigsaw fitted with a clean-cutting wood blade
    • drill
      drill/driver fitted with a #6 countersink bit
    • combination square
      combination square
    • plastic putty knife
      plastic putty knife

    Shopping List

    72x30-inch lauan hollow-core wood interior slab door

    1x4 exterior preprimed trim boards. Get three 8-foot boards.

    0000 steel wool

    220-grit sandpaper

    1x4 strapping to secure the legs to the door.

    Banquet-table replacement legs. Get a set of two.

    1 5/8-inch deck screws

    Clear-gloss polyurethane. Get 1 quart.Painter's tape

    Spray paint in black satin.

    White latex semigloss paint

    Rub-on numbers

    1-inch sewing elastic

    Ladder-lock buckles (available at sewing stores); get 2

    Wood pucks Get eight: four in one color and four in another