people taping off and painting the lines while building a ricochet game board
Photo: Wendell Weber

Step 2: Tape Off and Paint the Lines

Mark a 24-inch line lengthwise down the middle of the door at one end to indicate where to install the center rail. To the left of the line, mark ¼-inch-thick perpendicular lines at 7, 11, 17, and 24 inches from the end of the door. Mark another ¼-inch-thick line 18 inches from the end on the right side of the centerline. Apply painter's tape on either side of each line, and mask the surrounding areas with newspaper. Use a plastic putty knife to seal the edges and prevent paint from bleeding underneath. Then, with a can of black satin spray paint, coat the lines with light, even strokes.
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    Tools List

    • jigsaw
      jigsaw fitted with a clean-cutting wood blade
    • drill
      drill/driver fitted with a #6 countersink bit
    • combination square
      combination square
    • plastic putty knife
      plastic putty knife

    Shopping List

    72x30-inch lauan hollow-core wood interior slab door

    1x4 exterior preprimed trim boards. Get three 8-foot boards.

    0000 steel wool

    220-grit sandpaper

    1x4 strapping to secure the legs to the door.

    Banquet-table replacement legs. Get a set of two.

    1 5/8-inch deck screws

    Clear-gloss polyurethane. Get 1 quart.Painter's tape

    Spray paint in black satin.

    White latex semigloss paint

    Rub-on numbers

    1-inch sewing elastic

    Ladder-lock buckles (available at sewing stores); get 2

    Wood pucks Get eight: four in one color and four in another