Step 2: Build the Jig

Lay the base flat, and sandwich it between the walls, set on edge with their bevels parallel. Use a straightedge to ensure the bevels are in line. At the nonbeveled end of the assembly, mark each of the walls flush with the butt of the base and cut them to length. This way, you can use one side of the jig for angled cuts, and the other side to guide straight cuts. Attach the pieces together by screwing through the sides and into the edges of the base.
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    Tools List

    • japanese pull saw
      Pull saw
    • circular saw
      Circular saw
    • drill
      Drill/driver fitted with a ¼-inch drill bit

    Shopping List

    4-inch drainpipe Get one 10-foot length per rack

    1x5. Get 6 feet

    Stick-on numbersPlastic ties in 11-inch lengths

    Tennis balls Get two packs of three in different colors

    Spray paint