Step 2: Mark the king’s crown

First, draw lines corner to corner atop the block to make an X. With the combination square, bisect both axes of the X, and the resulting lines will mark the centerline of each side of the post, without your having to measure. Using the 45-degree-angled edge on the head of the combination square, draw 45-degree lines on each side of the king-to-be, from the corners inward, and from the center points outward. These lines will intersect to create two Vs on each side. Shade the Vs as the portion of the block to be cut away.
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    Tools List

    • miter saw
      Miter saw
    • japanese pull saw
      Pull saw
    • miterbox with saw
      Hand saw and miter box
    • circular saw
      Circular saw fitted with a fence
    • bar clamps
    • paintbrush
    • Chamois or lint-free rag
      Lint-free rag

    Shopping List

    4x4 for the game pieces. Get one 8-foot length.

    ¾-inch dowels for the stakes. Get 4 feet. 1¼-inch dowels for the batons. Get 6 feet.

    Water-based wood stain in two colors