Step 6: Paint the rings

Fill the fastener holes with wood filler, sand the pieces, and coat them with primer. This will cover knots, seal the wood, and make the colors pop. Spray the lid and base in two different colors. Once the paint is dry, tape off color-coded strips on the base dividers to indicate each team's goal, as shown. Spray the strips and remove the tape. Spray paint groups of 30 bamboo stakes in each of the three colors.
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    Tools List

    • jigsaw
      Jigsaw fitted with scroll blade (for plywood) and aggressive blade (for lumber)
    • drill
      Drill driver fitted with -inch bit and ¼-inch bit
    • lineman's pliers
      Linesman pliers

    Shopping List

    ½-inch birch-veneer plywood

    2x4 for the legs

    4-foot welded-wire garden fencing

    2-foot bamboo plant stakes You'll need at least 90

    Plastic pit balls Get about 100

    220-grit sandpaper

    Stain-blocking white primer Spray paint in three colors

    -inch wood screws

    2 ½-inch trim-head screws

    Wood glue

    Wood filler

    Painter's tape