Step 7: Drill a hole through each golf ball

Fabricate a jig to clamp a golf ball so that you can drill a hole for the cord. Using a pull saw, cut a V-notch the width of the ball from the scrap ends of two 2x4s. Place these pieces on a third scrap block with the notches facing each other. Set a golf ball in the cutout to determine the spacing of the notched pieces. Then remove the ball and screw the notched pieces to the third piece. Place the ball between the notches and wedge a flat-head screwdriver beside the ball to keep it from spinning. Wearing safety glasses, use a ¼-inch bit to drill a hole through the center of the ball. Drill a hole in 11 more balls.
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    Tools List

    • miter saw
      Miter saw
    • drill
      Drill driver fitted with 1-inch paddle bit and ¼-inch drill bit
    • paintbrush
    • flathead screwdriver
      Flat-head screwdriver
    • utility scissors
      Utility scissors
    • japanese pull saw
      Pull saw

    Shopping List

    1-inch dowels Get six at 36-inch lengths

    2x4s Get two 8-foot boards

    Golf balls Get at least 12

    3/16-inch twisted nylon rope Get a 10-foot rope

    Stain-blocking white primer Get 1 quart Spray paint in at least four colors

    Two ¼-by-4-inch carriage bolts

    Two ¼-inch washers

    Two ¼-inch wing nuts

    3-inch deck screws