Step 1: Cut Box Parts

Using our online cut list and a circular saw guided by a straightedge, cut plywood backs, walls, bottoms, and shelves to size for one large and two small boxes. Use a router to make ½-inch slots on the inner walls where shelves will slide in.

Pro advice:
"If you don't have a router to make slots for shelves, you can screw 1x2 cleats to the inner walls of the boxes instead, and affix the shelves to them."
Tom Silva, TOH General Contractor
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    Tools List

    • drill
      Drill/Driver fitted with a countersink bit
    • circular saw
      Circular saw
    • router
      Router with ½inch straight bit

    Shopping List

    1. Locking casters; There should be 6 in all.

    2. Wood glue

    3. ½-inch plywood for backs and shelves.

    4. Pegboard

    5. ¾-inch plywood for work surface.

    6. 1x2 filler strip for furring out the pegboard.7. -inch plywood for bottoms and walls.

    8. Power strip suitable for workshop use.

    9. 1½-inch deck screws

    10. ½-inch straight router bit

    11. Pegboard hooks

    12. 5/16-inch carriage bolt, washer and nuts