Step 2: Assemble the Side Frames

Attach two crosspieces between two 2x4 legs, all set on edge. Attach lattice stops to the frame's interior about ½ inch from the top edge. Flip the frame over and lay a piece of lattice onto the stops. Place a second set of stops on the lattice, and secure them to the frame on all sides. Attach a shorter 2x4 to each leg to form posts; the 2x4s should be flush at the bottom. Make the second side frame the same way.
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    Tools List

    • miter saw
      Miter saw
    • drill
    • jigsaw
    • adjustable clamp

    Shopping List

    1. 1x6 cedar Get five 8-foot boards

    2. 2x4 cedar Get six 8-foot boards

    3. 2x2 cedar Get two 8-foot boards

    4. 1x1 cedar Get seven 8-foot lengths

    5. Cedar lattice Get one 4x8 sheet

    6. 1x4 cedar trim Get one 8-foot board7. -inch cedar hole plugs

    8. 1 ¼-inch trim head screws

    9. 2 ½-inch trim-head screws

    10. 3-inch trim-head screws

    11. Exterior wood glue

    12. Ground screws for 4x4 posts