man installing corner guards
Photo: Laura Moss

Step 6: Cut and Install the Corner Guards

To determine where the end of the corner guard will land at the bottom corners of the beadboard, miter a mock corner from two short pieces of the material, and set it in place on the bottom right corner of the organizer. Measure the length from the tip of the mock corner to the bottom edge of the fascia board. Cut one corner guard to this length from square edge to long point. Cut a second corner guard to the same length, with the square cut on the opposite end.

Apply adhesive caulk to the back of the corner guards, place them on the side edges of the organizer, and secure them to the edges using ½-inch pin nails. Measure the distance between the long points of the corner guards you just installed, and cut bottom corner guard to this length from long point to long point. Secure it to the bottom edge of the organizer using adhesive caulk and nails, in the same fashion as the sides.
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    Tools List

    • circular saw
      Circular Saw
      to cut the beadboard
    • miter saw
      Compound Miter Saw
    • bar clamps
      to hold the bag dispenser together as it dries
    • pneumatic brad nailer
      Pneumatic Brad Nail Gun
    • drill
    • Aviation Snips
      Tin Snips
    • caulk gun
      Caulking Gun
      to apply adhesive caulk
    • artist paintbrush
      ½ inch paintbrush
      to apply wood glue
    • paintbrush
      to paint or stain the assembly

    Shopping List

    1. Work gloves

    2. Beadboard paneling

    3. 1x6 to make the fascia board and bag organizer

    4. 1x5 for the shelf

    5. Corner guard to surround the sides and bottom of the beadboard

    6. Crown molding to trim the spot beneath the shelf. Choose a profile with a projection of about 1 inch.

    7. ¼-inch square dowel to create a stop rail on top of the shelf

    8. -inch square dowel to build the frame of the bag dispenser

    9. ¾-inch shelf edging to cover the exposed edges of the tin that covers the bag dispenser10. ½-inch pin nails

    11. 1-inch pin nails

    12. ½-inch sheet metal screws

    13. 3-inch deck screws

    14. ¾-inch wood screws to attach the bag dispenser to the organizer

    15. -inch hole plugs

    16. Hooks

    17. Tin ceiling tile to wrap the bad dispenser

    18. Wood glue

    19. Adhesive caulk

    20. 150-grit sandpaper

    19. Paint