Step 5: Center Circles in Blank Squares

Gently press with the dot stamp to avoid thick, solid dots—you want a bit of the base coat to show through. Don't worry too much about placement. "It's a small stamp, so if it's off a little bit it'll still look fine," says Carter.
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    Tools List

    • craft scissors
      Scissors, to cut the foam material
    • X-Acto knife, to cut out the patterns
    • roller tray
      Small roller tray or plastic plate, to hold the paint
    • artist paintbrush
      Artist's paint brush
    • level
      Level, to create straight guide lines
    • chalk
      Chalk, to draw lines lightly on wall

    Shopping List

    1. Craft foam

    2. White glue

    3. Wood blocks to hold the cut patterns

    4. Paint for both background color and pattern color