Step 3: Cut the Cork

Trim two 12-by-12-inch craft tiles (about $7 for four; Joann Fabric and Craft Strores) to fit within the recess on the back of the cabinet door. A few passes with an X-Acto knife will ensure crisp edges. Adhere cork in place with wood glue.
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    Tools List

    • 3-inch wide paint brush
      Paint brush
    • X-Acto knife
    • mini-roller
      Small roller frame fitted with foam roller
    • flathead screwdriver
    • drill
      Drill/driver fitted with 1/16-inch drill bit

    Shopping List

    1. Vintage medicine cabinet with missing mirror

    2. Wood putty

    3. 120-grit sandpaper

    4. Latex primer

    5. Blackboard paint

    6. Painter's tape7. 12-by-12-inch cork craft tiles

    8. Wood glue

    9. Magnetic door catch

    10. Cup hooks

    11. Door pull

    12. Chalk