Mark Powers fastening a lid to the top of his trash shed
Photo: Kolin Smith

Step 13: Attach the Caps and Lids

Rip down siding boards to cap the exposed framing at the front of the shed frame (sheathing included), on top of the back crosspiece, and on the sides of the roof framing. Glue and face-nail the front caps before attaching the top caps.

Install two 4-inch door hinges to the top edge of each of the three lids. Set each door in place, and install the hinges through the back crosspiece.

Tip: When hanging a door, lift its top outside corner a hair before screwing on the hinge. This will throw off the balance of the door enough to make it more likely to swing closed when left unattended.
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    Tools List

    • framing square
      Framing square
    • speed square
      Speed Square
    • jigsaw
    • drill
    • finish hammer
      Hammer with nailset

    Shopping List

    2x4 to frame the shed and build the doors. Get eleven 8-foot boards.

    1x6 tongue-and-groove siding. Pick up prestained boards or stain them yourself before installation. Get enough to cover about 75 square feet.

    1 ¼x6 pressure-treated decking to frame the doors and lid. Get seven 8-foot boards.

    Construction adhesive to glue the sheathing.

    4-inch door hinges to attach each lid and the bifold doors to the framing. Get 10. Continuous (piano) hinges to create the bifold doors. Get two stainless steel 30-inch hinges.

    3½-inch stainless-steel deck screws

    2½-inch stainless-steel deck screws

    1 5/8-inch stainless-steel deck screws

    1 5⁄8-inch stainless-steel siding nails