Mark Powers continuing to install the siding on his trash shed
Photo: Kolin Smith

Step 10: Finish Siding the Frame

Apply more adhesive to the next part of the frame. Slide the second board's groove over the tongue of the first board and nail it in place through the tongue. Install the rest of the boards this way, leaving the excess above the roofline.

Mark the overhang of the last board flush with the face of the frame, and rip the board to width. Nail it in place through the face, and set the nails below the surface.

Sheathe the other side of the shed in the same manner.

Tip: If you're having trouble closing the seam between tongue- and-groove boards, take a scrap of the material, slide the groove over the tongue of the piece you're trying to fit, and tap the scrap. This protects the tongue of the installed board from being damaged by the hammer's blows.
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    Tools List

    • framing square
      Framing square
    • speed square
      Speed Square
    • jigsaw
    • drill
    • finish hammer
      Hammer with nailset

    Shopping List

    2x4 to frame the shed and build the doors. Get eleven 8-foot boards.

    1x6 tongue-and-groove siding. Pick up prestained boards or stain them yourself before installation. Get enough to cover about 75 square feet.

    1 ¼x6 pressure-treated decking to frame the doors and lid. Get seven 8-foot boards.

    Construction adhesive to glue the sheathing.

    4-inch door hinges to attach each lid and the bifold doors to the framing. Get 10. Continuous (piano) hinges to create the bifold doors. Get two stainless steel 30-inch hinges.

    3½-inch stainless-steel deck screws

    2½-inch stainless-steel deck screws

    1 5/8-inch stainless-steel deck screws

    1 5⁄8-inch stainless-steel siding nails