Step 6: Replace Chime, If Needed

Before disconnecting the old wires, label them with strips of tape: "Front" for front bell, "Back" if there's a back bell, and "T" for transformer. Mount the new chime on the wall, and attach each wire to its appropriately labeled terminal. If the old wires aren't long enough, splice a short length of 18-gauge wire onto each one. Push the button to make sure the chime's working, then put on its cover.
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    Tools List

    • multi-bit screwdriver
      Multi-bit screwdriver
    • multimeter
      Multimeter, available at home centers for about $15
    • wire strippers
      Wire stripper

    Shopping List

    doorbell button (if needed)

    18-gauge wire

    doorbell chime (if needed)

    electrical tape

    wire nuts