Step 5: Test Chime

man testing an electrical doorbell chime with a multimeter
Photo: Ryan Benyi
Remove the chime's cover. Leave the multimeter on the voltage setting and touch the probes to the wires. Have a helper push the button. If the multimeter shows that current is flowing but the chime doesn't ring, replace it (Step 6). But if there's no current, the wiring is faulty. If you can find the break, make a splice with 18-gauge wire. If you can't, either pull through new wires or install a battery-powered wireless unit.
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    Tools List

    • multi-bit screwdriver
      Multi-bit screwdriver
    • multimeter
      Multimeter, available at home centers for about $15
    • wire strippers
      Wire stripper

    Shopping List

    doorbell button (if needed)

    18-gauge wire

    doorbell chime (if needed)

    electrical tape

    wire nuts