Step 4: Keep Them Moist

Using chopsticks or small wood dowels as supports, drape —-mil plastic sheeting over the pots (or flats) to create a makeshift greenhouse. Place them out of direct sun and keep the mix moist. Check the cuttings weekly for root development by gently tugging on the leaves to see if they come out easily; remove the cuttings when you feel strong resistance. Once the roots have developed, gently pry up the cuttings with a butter knife, replant them in potting soil, and add a balanced fertilizer. Park the young plants in indirect sun for the first week. After that, move them to a spot in full sun through the winter and water as needed before moving them outside in the spring.
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    Tools List

    • bypass pruners
    • scissors
      or Scissors
      (make sure they're clean and sharp)

    Shopping List

    1. Powdered or liquid rooting hormone

    2. Small pots or flats

    3. Sterile potting mix4. Plastic sheeting (½-mil)

    5. Potting soil