Step 1: Take a Cutting

With a clean pair of garden snips or scissors, cut off a stem that has three to six nodes, the spots where leaves meet the stem. Pinch off any flowers, and the leaves on the bottom third of the stem. To keep cuttings from drying out while you work, roll them in a moist paper towel, stash them inside a zip-top bag, and keep the bag out of direct sun.

TOH Pro Tip: Robert E. Lyons, professor of landscape horticulture, University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware says,"As you're taking cuttings, be sure to clean your snips with rubbing alcohol as you move from plant to plant to make sure you don't spread disease."
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    Tools List

    • bypass pruners
    • scissors
      or Scissors
      (make sure they're clean and sharp)

    Shopping List

    1. Powdered or liquid rooting hormone

    2. Small pots or flats

    3. Sterile potting mix4. Plastic sheeting (½-mil)

    5. Potting soil