Step 4: Attach the Upper Tracks

The curved ends of the upper tracks are loosely bolted to the tops of the vertical tracks. Ladders or ropes hold up the upper tracks' other ends, roughly level, as we lag-screw the brackets on the curved ends to the door jambs. The supported ends are then loosely bolted to metal hangers lag-screwed to the garage ceiling. Diagonal measurements between the two upper tracks tell us if the tracks are parallel. We make any adjustments needed, then tighten all the fasteners.
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    Tools List

    • drill
      Impact driver, for driving screws through hinges and brackets
    • locking pliers
      Locking pliers, used to hold open the door while the spring is attached
    • ratchet wrench
      Ratchet wrench, used to tighten nuts on machine screws
    • ladder

    Shopping List

    Sectional garage door, hinged panels that roll on tracks

    Assorted garage-door hardware and tracks, used to support the door in doorway opening

    Decorative hardware,to mimic handles on traditional outswing doors