Step 3: Removing the crown

When Angel is ready to remove the tree's leaf-laden crown, there are no limbs left to hang a rope on. So about a foot below where he plans to cut, he makes a "false crotch": a loop of rope around the trunk, held fast with a weaver's knot. About two feet higher, he ties a second rope for lowering with a running bowline knot, feeds it through the false-crotch loop, and tosses the remaining section of line to Gonzalo, who wraps it around the trunk. Once Angel slices off the crown, Gonzalo manipulates the rope so that the multi-limbed section floats to the ground, saving pavement and onlookers from harm. Then, to avoid damaging the drive¬≠way by felling the trunk whole, Angel cuts it into three 15-foot sections, tying false crotches for each so it can be swung safely to the ground. He first notches the trunk on the side to which he wants it to fall, then moves to the opposite side to make a backcut that meets the notch. For safety while he's sawing, he always places himself to the side—never directly behind or in front—of the cut.
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    Tools List

    • chain saw
      Chain saw
    • Wood chipper
    • stump grinder
      Stump grinder
    • table saw
      Band saw