Step 1: Professional roping and removal of limbs

Since the tree to be removed is next to a driveway where a cherry picker can be parked, for the first step of the process—lopping off the limbs—Angel Galvez has the luxury of standing in a bucket instead of hanging from a rope harness. He works from the bottom up, so that nothing obstructs each branch's deĀ­scent. To give the crew control of the limb, they will lower it on a line looped over a branch like a pulley. "A 100-pound limb can hit with a 200-pound force after free-falling just a foot," explains Swim. Angel ties a rope to the limb using a running bowline knot. Cinching it tight, he tosses the line over the crotch of a higher limb and down to his brother, Gonzalo, who loops it twice around the trunk and holds the end. After Angel slices through the limb using a chain saw with a short 18-inch bar, Gonzalo eases the branch to the ground with the rope, then slips the knot free
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    Tools List

    • chain saw
      Chain saw
    • Wood chipper
    • stump grinder
      Stump grinder
    • table saw
      Band saw