Step 4: Paint Leaves

Practicing on the foam board, use gold paint thinned 4-to-1 with water to get the right translucency for the leaves. Paint leaves; let dry. Then add a second coat. "You want the structure of the leaves to show through," says Carter. "It keeps the pattern light and airy, and more natural-looking too."
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    Tools List

    • artist's brush
      Small, Round Artist's Brush
      (No. 795)
    • abrasive sponge
      A Sponge

    Shopping List

    1. Large Piece of Foam Board

    2. Painter's Tape

    3. Two Tones of Acrylic Craft Paint Brian used Barn Wood for the twigs and Metallic Pure Gold for the leaves, both from FolkArt

    4. Chalk